Electromotive offers in-house diagnostic and repair services, generally completing them within five business days from date of receipt. Before sending a product to us:

  • Complete the Electromotive Repair Order Form and email the completed form to service@electromotive.com or fax to 703.331.0161.
  • If you have trouble downloading or filling out the form, you can contact us via email at service@electromotive.com or via phone at 703-331-0100
  • What to send:
    • Include the fully completed Repair Order Form (with the Repair Order Number) in the box with the Electromotive product.
    • Generally, we only need the ignition or electronic engine management box. Retain all other components (harness, coils, sensors, etc.) unless instructed to include.
    • Document all items included in the box on the Repair Order Form. Products sent without this documentation are subject to delays in processing.


Warranty vs. Non-Warranty Diagnosis and Repair:

Warranty Repairs:
Electromotive offers a one-year limited warranty on products we manufacture to the original owner of the product. If you are the original buyer and purchased your product from an authorized Electromotive dealer, no later than January 1, 2017, you are likely covered for one years. Warranty diagnosis, repairs and return shipping are at no cost to you. See Electromotive Limited Warranty for more details.

Non-Warranty Repairs:

If not under warranty, no worries. You will be charged a modest initial diagnostic and return shipping fee. If there are additional costs for repair, we will call you to authorize the expense in advance.

Notice:  Units sent in for service/upgrade that are not claimed within 12 months of being received by Electromotive will be considered abandoned.  Electromotive reserves the right to dispose of abandoned units at its discretion.

If Your Product Isn’t Repairable or You Opt Not to Repair:

Some products are not repairable because of their age. We simply can no longer source the repair parts. In other cases, the owner may decide the repair is too costly relative to the value of the product. If this occurs, there are several choices:

  1. We can return your unit to you for just the diagnostic and shipping expense.
  2. You can get trade-in value for your unit against a comparable new Electromotive product.