With the introduction of the TECgt, Electromotive introduced new WinTEC4 software. Initially, this software interfaced only with the TECgt, but as development and refinements continued, this new software expanded to integrate the calibration of other PC-connected products. Electromotive has been developing Calibration Software for many of its products since the 1980s and now has embarked on a completely new platform designed to grow with our ever-expanding product line.

Most recently we have added support for some TEC3 and TEC3-6/12 and all TEC3r ECUs (TEC3r units built as of 2010 should be native with WinTEC4). The TEC3/3r units running WinTEC3 will need a hardware modification to run WinTEC4 software, so contact us to make arrangements for an upgrade (please note that there will be a charge for this service). Easier menu navigation for improved oversight of the tuning process is the main focus of this effort. A new approach to monitoring engine functions has been taken, resulting in a more integrated on-fly tuning process.

WinTEC_v411B056*** Current Release

*If upgrading from WinTEC 4.9 or earlier, ensure that you update your firmware before beginning to tune with the new software, as unit may lock up if using new software with early firmware.  Also, make sure that after upgrading the software and firmware, you convert your files by resaving them before loading them onto the unit. You can tell if a file has been converted by its size. WinTEC 4.9 and earlier files are 10Kb, while WinTEC4.10 files are 12Kb.  If you don’t follow these instructions, you may end up having to send the unit back to us.

**It is important to note that if the unit is programmed using 4.10.– or newer software BEFORE the firmware has been upgraded, the unit may continue to work until the firmware is updated.  If it has been programmed with the new software before the firmware was upgraded, you must reload the 4.9.26 software and program the unit with an old format bin file.  Then the new software can be reinstalled and the firmware can be updated.  If you have questions about whether the firmware falls into the older category, please email

WinTEC_v4.9.26 (last release before 4.10 file configuration change)

USB Drivers

These are the drivers needed for the USB connection on all 200-series controllers.

CDM v2.12.16 WHQL Certified


WinTEC3 is Electromotive’s calibration software designed to work only with the TEC3 and TEC3r engine management system. This software was developed between 2000 and 2006. WinTEC3 faces issues when used with newer versions of Windows, so compatibility with newer machines can exist. Electromotive recommends Windows XP SP2 or earlier for proper functionality.



The second version of Electromotive’s Windows®-based software, it introduced ON-FLY TUNING to the TEC. This version of the popular WinTEC Calibration Software is for TEC-I and TEC-II systems equipped with the proper EPROM. Compatibility issues will exist with many newer versions of Windows as well as units using USB-to-serial adapters. It is recommended to use a PC with a native serial port and Windows XP SP2 when attempting to use this software.

WinTEC2 (version 2.1.2)


Electromotive’s first Windows®-based calibration software, based on PAFBlend. The most recent version is Version 1.1.6. Compatibility issues will exist with many newer versions of Windows as well as units using USB-to-serial adapters. It is recommended to use a PC with a native serial port and Windows XP SP2 when attempting to use this software.

WinTEC (version 1.1.6)

DOS Calibration Software History

The following is a list of software versions released since Electromotive built the first TEC1 in 1987. DOS versions of software were available for purchase at the time of their release. These software versions are no longer available from Electromotive in any form. This list is intended as a reference only.


This is the earliest software for Electromotive’s TEC systems.



Revised and a supported option for basic tuning through ’97.



First software to introduce full closed-loop tuning, allowing the user to define targeted air-to-fuel ratios from 10:1 to 21:1 throughout the calibration tables, for best power under load with best economy at cruise, all in the same calibration.



Introduced Mass Air Flow sensor algorithms for automatic compensation with changes in air flow, rather than manifold pressure – or speed density.



This program was introduced to allow easy tuning of engines with individual intake runners and/or large lift/duration cam profiles used in all out racing application. This was achieved by blending TPS voltage and MAP sensor signal voltage rather than using only TPS as a load input, which proves to be inadequate. It was also capable of using Mass Air Flow Sensors, but did not, however, allow tuning to different air-to-fuel ratios throughout the load/rpm range.



Recognized the street racer’s desire to run large lift/duration cams and individual intake runner manifolds, yet not forgo the advantages of PAF air-to-fuel ratio tuning. Since Mass Air Flow sensors pose a limitation to ultimate power numbers and intake plumbing, the MAF routines were deleted to accommodate AFR tuning and blend routines in a now limited hardware architecture.

The above DOS-based calibration software packages each used their own EPROM in the TEC hardware. These software packages were charged for and licensed; if you need a fresh copy, contact Electromotive’s Technical Support. License# is required. Should you have come by a TEC system through a private sale, keep in mind that the licenses are nontransferable, and you will need to purchase an EPROM from Electromotive in order to convert to WinTEC.