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  • TEC Engine Management Systems (6)

    TEC Engine Management Systems
    For those looking for unparalleled performance from their engines, there's only one true choice. Combining comprehensive EFI control and our industry-leading ignition system into one easy-to-tune package makes Electromotive the obvious choice for your engine management needs. Electromotive offers numerous TEC systems to ensure there's a perfect system for your project. For a product matrix comparing our current TEC line or management systems, please click here.
  • XDi Ignition Systems (4)

    XDi Ignition Systems
    The XDi and XDi2 represent the latest distributorless ignition systems from Electromotive. Want to put carbs on a late-model engine? Check! Want to ditch that old distributor or magneto? Check! These stand-alone programmable ignition systems will increase the performance and reliability of almost any engine!
  • Plug-And-Play Systems (3)

    Plug-And-Play Systems
    Electromotive is offering an ever-expanding assortment of vehicle specific kits designed to give customers a race-grade engine management and/or ignition solution that is easy to install. Keep checking back as we will be introducing more systems in the near future!
  • Ignition Coils (6)

    Ignition Coils
    Electromotive offers a selection of coils designed to handle the high-current output our coil drivers produce. While other coils may also be compatible with the Electromotive systems, not all coils are up to the task. We've selected and packaged coils that we feel allow our systems to perform best. All Electromotive DFUs feature matched coil sets for optimum performance, and single coils are also sold in matched sets when purchased together. When ordering a replacement coil, it is recommended to call in the order so that the replacement coil can be matched to the current set or that all coils be replaced with a new matched set.
  • Crank & Cam Trigger Solutions (51)

    Crank & Cam Trigger Solutions
    At the heart of every Electromotive system lies the 60-2 trigger wheel we pioneered years ago. If you have an older engine that doesn't have a crank trigger or your OE trigger is a low-resolution type, have no fear! Electromotive can help you fit our industry-leading 60-2 trigger wheel onto just about any engine. We offer bolt-on kits for many, and universal wheels and sensor brackets to cover the rest!
  • Wire Harnesses (28)

    Wire Harnesses
    Electromotive offers a large selection of universal and application-specific wire harnesses for our current and past TEC and XDi systems, as well as DIY connector and pin sets.
  • Accessories (15)

    Electromotive offers a selection of accessories to help you get the most out of your XDi and TEC systems.
  • Sensors and Connectors (52)

    Sensors and Connectors
    To ensure our customers have the right parts to complete their installation and tune, Electromotive offers an assortment of engine sensors, cables and connectors to help ensure proper system operation.
  • Tools and Supplies (16)

    Tools and Supplies
    Even the best installers and tuners are only as good as the tools and supplies they have to work with. We've collected a selection of items to ensure you have the best chance of doing the job right the first time!
  • The Workshop (4)

    The Workshop
    The Workshop is our website section dedicated to finding new homes for some of the items that have been collecting in our workshop over the years.  We've got everything from discontinued items, display and example pieces to parts used for testing/R&D. Moving some of these items will help us clean up, and are a great opportunity for customers to realize some really deep discounts on performance parts.
  • Engineering Services (3)

    Engineering Services
  • Electromotive Gear (36)

    Electromotive Gear
    Electromotive gear, decals, banners and other cool stuff!