Accessory Modules

Electromotive offers a selection of auxiliary modules for expanding the capabilities of your TEC or XDi system.

  • 3-Wire IAC Adapter

    For converting a 2-wire IAC driver signal to a 3-wire signal.

  • Backup Sensor Box

    Switching box for toggling between primary and auxiliary crank position sensors. Designed for use with XDi and earlier HPX ignition systems.

  • Remote Retard Dial

    Remote mount timing retard module for use with Electromotive products. Module can be connected to a toggle or momentary switch to produce an instant timing shift of -1 to -12 degrees. It can also be used with a relay and be triggered by a nitrous solenoid, high-gear switch or any other trigger.

  • Remote Timing Advance/Retard Control

    Cab-mountable slide potentiometer for adjusting ignition advance on track.

  • Start Assist System

    The Start Assist System allows a standard 12V charging system to charge a second 6 or 12V battery that has been installed in series between the primary battery and the starter motor.

  • Tach Signal Amplifier

    The Electromotive Tach Amp #013-10000 will correct the operation of most voltage-triggered tachometers that do not work directly off the tach output terminal of the Electromotive system. This adapter should also be used on current-triggered tachs (hooked in series with the ignition switch).

  • TEC CAN Cable

    CAN breakout cable for use with all CAN-equipped TEC units with DB9 serial ports.