Wire Harnesses

Electromotive offers a large selection of universal and application-specific wire harnesses for our current and past TEC and XDi systems, as well as DIY connector and pin sets.

  • Terminated Harnesses (4)

    Terminated Harnesses
    Terminated harnesses come in universal and application-specific variants. Universal terminated harnesses feature aftermarket-common Delphi sensor connectors.
  • Unterminated Harnesses (13)

    Unterminated Harnesses
    Universal harnesses are available for all TEC and XDi systems and feature termination only at the main connectors.
  • Harness Connector and Pin Sets (12)

    Harness Connector and Pin Sets
    Electromotive offers AMP connector and pin sets to repair/replace in an existing install or for complete DIY custom harnesses. Custom harness builds should feature the appropriate gauge wire for the function of the input or output.