XDi Ignition Systems

The XDi and XDi2 represent the latest distributorless ignition systems from Electromotive. Want to put carbs on a late-model engine? Check! Want to ditch that old distributor or magneto? Check! These stand-alone programmable ignition systems will increase the performance and reliability of almost any engine!

  • XDi Ignition

    The XDi system is Electromotive’s manually programmable ignition system. Building on the elegantly simple design of the original Electromotive distributorless ignition system, the XDi provides unmatched performance and reliability and combines them into a cost-effective controller that will handle most any engine.

  • XDi200 Ignition

    The XDi200 system represents the ultimate in ignition performance, reliability and control.

    All Electromotive engine and/or ignition units may only be purchased through Dealers. Please click here to find a dealer.

  • XDi Sprint Car Ignition

    XDi Ignition system with pre-terminated harness to fit most sprint car applications. Includes wire terminals and high current toggle switch.

  • XDi/XDi2 Additional DFU Harness

    Can only be purchased in conjunction with an XDI or XDI2 system.  Limit 1 per ignition system.  To purchase this item individually see the alternate part number ***

    Second DFU harness for XDi and XDi2 systems for use when connecting 2 DFUs. Also for use with any application using more than 3 total ignition coils, such as rotary and 2-cycle 4 and 6 cylinders.