Crank & Cam Trigger Solutions

At the heart of every Electromotive system lies the 60-2 trigger wheel we pioneered years ago. If you have an older engine that doesn’t have a crank trigger or your OE trigger is a low-resolution type, have no fear! Electromotive can help you fit our industry-leading 60-2 trigger wheel onto just about any engine. We offer bolt-on kits for many, and universal wheels and sensor brackets to cover the rest!

  • Trigger Kits (10)

    Trigger Kits
    Crank trigger kits allow for bolt-on installation of a 60-2 crank trigger on cars not originally equipped with one. Kits also include brackets to hold the crank position sensor in place. All brackets are built to hold Electromotive 1/2" smooth-bore magnetic or Hall effect sensors.
  • Trigger Wheels (23)

    Trigger Wheels
    Electromotive offers a large selection of universal and engine-specific trigger wheels. Engine-specific trigger wheels can be used to replace damaged wheels from our kits or on engines that use the same damper pattern found on the engines for which the wheels were originally intended.
  • Crank & Cam Sensor Brackets (10)

    Crank & Cam Sensor Brackets
    Electromotive offers a large selection of universal and vehicle-specific sensor brackets. Many of the vehicle-specific brackets make for a great starting point when no bracket is available for your engine.
  • Crank & Cam Sensors (8)

    Crank & Cam Sensors
    Electromotive offers a selection of custom magnetic and Hall effect crank and cam sensors for use with our systems.