Engine Sensors

  • GM Shaft-Style TPS Sensor With Clockwise Rotation

    GM shaft-style TPS sensor such as those on many ’90s and ’00s-era GM engines. This sensor turns clockwise when looking at the sensor. This means that the throttle shaft turns counterclockwise when looking at it head-on. Sensor comes with mating Metri-Pack connector, pins and seals for harness termination. Sensor features a return spring.

  • Mazda Miata 90-93 Manual-Trans TPS Kit

    This TPS kit allows for 1990-1993 MX5 Miatas to be fitted with a potentiometer-style TPS sensor.  These vehicles came stock with a throttle-switch that is not compatible with Electromotive’s TEC management systems.  This kit allows users to retain the stock throttle body, instead of converting to one with a usable TPS sensor, such as those […]

  • Ford-Style TPS Sensor

    Ford-style TPS sensor similar to those found on Fox-Body Mustangs. Also used on Electromotive produced throttle bodies, including those in the JFI Jeep conversion. These sensors feature slotted mounting holes. The Ford connector has been replaced with a GM 3-position Weather Pack connector.

  • 4-Wire HEGO Sensor

    Bosch-style 4-wire HEGO sensor for use with all Electromotive systems, including early TEC1 and TEC2 systems. This is a narrow-band sensor.

  • EGO Boss – Weld-In

    A weld-in boss for EGO/HEGO sensors for retrofit or installation into custom exhaust systems.

  • Boost Control Solenoid

    3-port boost control solenoid for use with external “racing” wastegates.

  • 4-Wire GM O-Ring-Style IAC Motor

    4-wire GM O-ring-style IAC motor with in-line Metri-Pack connector. This IAC motor can be used as a replacement for those found in most aftermarket throttle bodies, including those made by Electromotive. Also fits Electromotive remote-mount and Ford adapters.